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Print Service Providers reap tremendous financial benefits through their PAF membership.

The programs available exclusively to our members help you make money and save money now —  and give you a voice in government affairs that will protect your interests now and in the future.

“We saved way more than our dues just on credit card processing.”
Art Abbott, Abbott Communications Group

Saving You Money

Our members enjoy tremendous savings on products and services through our Buying Power program. This program alone can save you more than the cost of membership dues.

PAF’s legislative accomplishments have produced impressive savings for your business through tax exemptions. These savings can give you an immediate return on your investment in PAF. Returns of 500 to 840%+ are yours through tax exemptions on electricity, capital equipment, preparatory materials (plates, etc.), equipment repair (parts and labor), and the exemptabiity of “click charges.”

Education and Training

PAF-sponsored events include Graphics of the Americas seminars, member meetings, regional seminars, the Print Management Conference and special educational programs that focus on upgrading the skills of technical and management staff.

Networking Events

We provide opportunities throughout the year for you to meet with potential clients, suppliers and peers in a casual, fun environment. Whether it’s the annual Roadkill BBQ events, Graphics of the Americas, Print Management Conference, South Florida’s Mingle Bells holiday mixer, or any of our other member events, you’re sure to connect with people who can help you grow your business.

Technical & Management Consulting Services

World-class technical services and programs are available to PAF members including a toll-free technical hot-line, access to technical advice, training, research, environmental compliance, safety, information about the latest technology and standards.


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